A soft mixture of light and dark tones creates a fresh and natural look that flatters every skin tone.




Natural level 5


Formula 1: One part (30 ml) Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blonde Extra Power Lightener with two parts (60 ml) Igora Royal Oil Developer 6% (20 volume)


Formula 2: Equal parts (60 ml) Igora Royal 9-1 with Igora Royal Oil Developer 9% (30 volume)


1. Divide hair into four sections working with the natural parting.


2. Start at the back with an approximately 2-inch-wide section. Backcomb the hair and start painting Formula 1 onto the mid-lengths and ends. Use cotton to separate the sections. Cover the back with a plastic wrap for additional moisture. Follow the same procedure on the sides, first backcombing, then painting highlights into the re-growth and lengths. Cover with plastic wrap. Process until desired lift is achieved (up to 45 minutes); rinse and shampoo.


3. Apply Formula 2 onto the re-growth. Sweep the color downward to create a false re-growth look. Use a feathering technique to soften the line of demarcation. Process until the re-growth shows a light lifting effect with a smooth gradation toward the mid-lengths. Process 30 minutes; then rinse and shampoo.


Color: Kim Vo for Schwarzkopf Professional

Stylist: Tyler Johnston, Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks global ambassador

Photography: Manuel Pandalis

Makeup: Gudrun Müller

Creative direction: Simon Ellis


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