PrisMetallic Airbrushing Haircolor Technique by Guy Tang

by Lauren Salapatek | November 16, 2015

Airbrushing haircolor is gaining popularity - and Kenra Color Ambassador Guy Tang hits the ground running by offering us this exclusive how-to on his clouding technique which utilizes airbrushing.

The clouding technique, which he demonstrates in the video, creates an airy effect of haircolor on the hair that you cannot achieve with a coloring brush. Normal coloring brushes create harsh lines - airbrushing creates a "smokey" look in the hair, says Tang.

Tang says that utilizing airbrushing in your coloring business allows you to blur in more shades for your clients to create a whole new look. "Clients will pay whatever it costs when they feel like they are getting an exclusive treatment and clouding creates indescribable color placement."

In the how-to, model Kasey came in with brassy/yellow/green roots and previous silver color. Tang starts off by touching up her color with Kenra Color Demipermanent Silver Metallics - Tang's new color obession.

"You should know by now my metallic obsession with the new Kenra Professional Silver and Violet metallics in Demi and Permanent Colors. I gave Kasey the beautiful silver hair but we didn't stop there. I airbrushed color on her hair using the Kenra Color creatives Violet, Pink, Blue and Magenta with Porosity Equalizer. What do you guys think of her color and this technique?

Guy Tang demonstrates his clouding technique by airbrushing Kenra Color onto the hair.

You have to watch to see the rest. Learn how you can incorporate airbrushing and Kenra Color into your salon - just like Tang!

Products used:
Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 7SM at the base with and Kenra Color Demi Permanent 8SM on mid shaft and Demi 10 SM to ends with with 9% Kenra Developer.  

Kenra Color Creatives Pink, Magenta, Blue, Violet with Kenra Porosity Equalizer.  

"I am so excited for the new Kenra Metallic shades now available - Violet Metallics 7VM, 8VM and 9VM both in Permanent and Demi-Permanent and Silver Metallics 7SM, 8SM and 10SM in Demi-Permanent," says Tang. 

Kenra Color is available at CosmoProf, Armstrong MCCall, State Beauty, Salon Centric, RDA Pro-Mart and Raylon. For more information visit

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