Colorist: Vadre Grigsby // Model + makeup: Vanessa Rene // Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet (photo credit: Huck Hinshaw) Huck Hinshaw
Colorist: Vadre Grigsby // Model + makeup: Vanessa Rene // Wardrobe: Caisa Airmet (photo credit: Huck Hinshaw)Huck Hinshaw

Today, hairstylists can truly be artists when it comes to haircolor. With more clients than ever becoming enthusiastic about fashion colors, the range of creativity when it comes to color has expanded exponentially. 

Pravana Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby created a technique to mimic the transparency and dreamlike effect of watercolor paintings with Pravana Vivids Locked-In. Vivids is utilized as the paint and Vivids Clear as the water in the watercolor metaphor. The hair, of course, is the canvas.

See the video and steps for the dreamscape color below.




Get the color: Watercolor dreamscape

Formula 1: Vivids Locked-In Pink
Formula 2: Vivids Locked-In Blue
Formula 3: Vivids Locked-In Purple
Formula 4: Vivids Locked-In Yellow
Formula 5: Vivids Locked-In Pink = Vivids Clear
Formula 6: Vivids Locked-In Blue = Vivids Clear
Formula 7: Vivids Locked-In Purple = Vivids Clear
Formula 8: Vivids Locked-In Yellow = Vivids Clear
Formula 9: Vivids Clear

STEP 1: Pre-lighten hair to a level 10 with Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener and choice of developer.

STEP 2: Take a horizontal slice and apply Vivids Clear to random portions of the strand.

STEP 3: Apply a chosen shade to random portions of the strand. Feather over the Vivids Clear and unpainted hair.

STEP 4: Continue layering chosen shades over previous applications and unpainted hair.
Pro tip: This look is created visually and relies on subtle saturation of colors in varying shades.

STEP 5: Place a meche over the section and take another slice, working the same way up the side of the head.

STEP 6: Continue up to the natural parting.

STEP 7: Repeat this application on the other side of the head. Leave out the fringe.

STEP 8: Take a slice off the top of the fringe and continue the same application method to just this slice.

STEP 9: Continue working this same way in the back of the head. Leave out the hair behind the occipital. 

STEP 10: Process for 20-30 minutes at room temperature. 

STEP 11: Rinse well with cool water, then shampoo, condition and protect with Vivids Color Protect. 

STEP 12: Style as desired.

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