Amelia "Violet" Camp (@violetthestylist), Expert Colorist and Director of Education, Bouffant Beauty Bar, La Mesa, California, says that "Tara is one of my regular color chameleons and we've taken her around the color wheel a few times over the last four or so years." Recently Tara returned to the salon for something softer but still in the colorful range. "I not only had to address more than 4 inches of regrowth but also remnants of the previous green."

Here Camp shares how she made it happen:


A: 1oz L'Oreal Professionnel Blonde Studio Platinium Plus + 1oz 20vol + 1oz 30vol Nutri-Developers

B: 1 oz Platinium Plus + 3oz 20vol Nutri-Developer

C: 2oz L'Oreal Professionnel Sunkissed Lightening Oil + 20vol Majicream developer + 1/4oz Olaplex No. 1

(The following are Joico Color Intensities) 

D: 4oz Soft Pink + 4" ribbon of Pink + small dot Black Pearl

E: 2oz Clear + 2oz Soft Pink + 2" ribbon of Pink + 2" ribbon of Orange + small dot Black Pearl


Step 1: First address the 4" of natural regrowth. Separate the hair into quadrants and start application at the nape. Apply formula A in 1/4" subsections from about 1/2 inch off the scalp to the line of demarcation. 

Step 2: Incubate with foil to eliminate the chance of uneven lifting past the heat band. 

Step 3: Once the 1st quadrant has reached a level 8, remove foil and start on scalp application with formula B. Continue through each quadrant in the same order which the foil was placed. 

Step 4: While formula B is processing apply formula C from the line of demarcation to the ends and work through to remove the existing vivids. 

Step 5: Process 20 minutes, uncovered at room temperature. Once an even pale yellow has been achieved, rinse throughly and apply Olaplex no.2 for 10 minutes. Shampoo using Inoa Post after color shampoo then blowdry thoroughly. 

"While we wanted an all over light pink result, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of movement and dimension by mixing up  custom Pink (formula D) and Coral (formula E) shades using Joico Color Intensities.

Step 6: Apply formula D globally as a shadow root, and alternate formulas D and E from midshaft to ends. 

Step 7: Process 20 minutes at room temperature. Rinse throughly in cool water and condition. 



Want to see a great example of how these colors fade? Check out what happened to this color after 5 months:


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