Oscars 2016: Cate Blanchett by Robert Vetica
@RobertVetica/ Instagram

Wella Professionals Stylist Robert Vetica cut and styled Cate Blanchett's hair for the Oscars 2016. Vetica and Blanchett had been in discussions about cutting her hair and Blanchett was comfortable going for it on the day of the Oscars. “This is one of the reasons I love this woman so much! I mean who cuts their hair the day of? She is bold and makes her regal presence known,” says Vetica.

He used Olivia Garden tools and Wella Professionals products to perfect this shining movie star's crowning glory.

The Cut:  Vetica used Olivia Garden Cara Shears to shape a jaw-length layered bob. "We took her hair up from the collarbone and then added soft layers throughout."

Step-by-Step Styling:

1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair using Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo and Daily Renewing Conditioner.

2. Next, apply Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Setting Blowdry Lotion to add strength and hold. "Before my blow dry, I brushed from root to tip with Olivia Garden Divine Wet Detangler to distribute the product evenly through the hair and brush out any tangles."

3.  Olivia Garden ECOCeramic Thermal Firm Round Brush and Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image were used to create a sleek blow dry with an emphasis on a low side part.

4. Next, curl each section with a 1 inch curling iron, just to give the hair bend. "I curled the sections quickly, again, with the same size Olivia Garden Jet Set Curlers, wrapped hair to set. When using rollers I always keep hair consistent with my part and wrap away from the face."

5. Spray with Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential Finishing Spray.

6. Allow the rollers to stay in 45 minutes then remove and gently brush with Olivia Garden FingerBrush Vented Hair Brush, using some quick heat from a blow dryer to loosen the set.

7. Finish the look with Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential Finishing Spray to ensure the final results last.



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