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You’re trying to find time to exercise and be with your family, and then there’s your salon job! You have only so many hours in a day. After cleaning up your station before heading home, most likely the last thing you want greeting you at home is more cleaning.


Even though a quarter of people say that housecleaning is a big source of stress, 75% of women and 67% of men still feel happier and in a better mood when their homes are clean, according to a new survey conducted by bObsweep in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights. Women continue to bear the brunt of cleaning responsibilities, with 40% saying they outpace their male partners in performing the cleaning chores. After the age of 25, women are three times more likely to houseclean than the guys.


The time commitment is a big reason people say housecleaning is stressful. Take these tips from bObsweep to cut down the time you have to spend to live in clean space:

  1. Don’t do it all in one shot. Break up your home into three to five zones, and tackle one or two zones over each of a couple of days.
  2. Streamline your supplies. Use all-in-one cleansers and multi-purpose tools so you can grab one bottle or tool rather than loading up on lots of liquids, sponges, wet wipes and cloths
  3. Automate. When you consider how many hours washing machines and dishwashers save you, it may be time to consider something like bObsweep’s robotic vacuum, which can mop the floor for you and run even when you’re not home, just like your other appliances. (Note: Healthy Hairdresser is not endorsing this product, just letting you know it’s out there!)



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