As temperatures cool, male clients might decide it's time to grow their facial hair—and with positive men's health movements like Movember, why not help them in their path to the ultimate beard? First check out our favorite beards we've seen on Instagram recently to see what your client is looking for.

Proceed with caution, though. Although clients might perceive beards as being more low-maintenance than keeping a smooth mug (no shaving!), you might need to warn them that daily beard care is no joke and requires a particular brand of upkeep. On your end, you'll need to ensure you sculpt a haircut that complements the beard and that you send your client out the door with products to keep the facial hair looking and feeling its best.

To get you and your client started, get some inspiration from some of the best beards and corresponding haircuts we've seen on Instagram lately. Long, short, decorated or a little bit out-there—there's something for everyone!

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