Beth Minardi: “YOU are Pretty Wonderful!”

Superstar colorist and Healthy Hairdresser friend Beth Minardi posted a message on social media for beauty professionals, particularly women:

As you know, I advocate for our beautiful industry. EVERYONE who cares for clients in the beauty environment deserves respect, kindness and support. We do SO MUCH. for both the hair AND often for the “inside” of the head. Never forget that YOU might be the only person who truly connects, touches or speaks with that client on a regular basis. YOU are needed, and your energy is more valuable than you can know.

Never permit yourself to be treated rudely or like a door mat. No need to raise your voice, but you might lower your voice, stop and say, “I’m sorry. I’m here to make you happy. How can I help you best?”

When I (rarely) “fire” a client, I apologize and tell the client that I need to be responsible here—that I am in the “making people happy business,” so I’m clearly not the colorist for them. Usually the person will calm right down and BEG you to continue working. So, if you want, you can finish the service, and then it’s your decision whether you want to ask your reception staff to refrain from accepting appointments from this person. YOUR CHOICE. Better to see eight happy people a day than nine people if that extra one upsets other clients—and YOU!

As I advocate for our beautiful business, I particularly advocate for women; 80% of people in the beauty business are women. Most owners and managers and top executives are men. Women
earn 79 cents to every dollar a man earns. And in 68% of the homes in the U.S., a woman is the chief or ONLY bread winner!

So, women, give yourself a pat on the back—and be sure to thank a man who is truly SUPPORTIVE. Do this for yourself, for all of us, for your daughters, your nieces—and for the women to come in following generations.

As beauty givers, let us all hold hands, support one another and be proud and happy that YOU are pretty damn wonderful! YOU create beauty, security and joy. Never forget that! —Beth

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