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Ang Holland (@hairbyangholland) of Pricilla's Hair N Nail Salon, Peru, Indiana, impresses us on a regular basis. "My #creativebestie, and salon owner, Pricilla Oaks. Pricilla, her mother, and I all attended cosmetology school together. I'm so fortunate to get to have such a creative atmosphere to grow in. I never would have thought I'd be this blessed in a career that I love dearly! That I would be able to be an artist who can empower people through their hair."

Holland shares that 2016 was a roller coaster of a year, with 2017 starting off with amazing moments that has her pinching herself. "My oldest daughter completed high school, I auditioned and became a member of The Unicorn Tribe, became an official Cricket Stylist, and am typing out this email to Modern Salon and it's only February! My heart is smiling with gratitude for my blessings."

Here Holland shares the details for this amazing makeover that we found on her Instagram page:

"The before is actually a grown out creation that Modern Salon posted on Instagram back in September of last year: Peek-a-BOOM!

"This gem is the daughter of some very dear friends of mine. I've known her since she was just a baby. I love being able to do her hair. She usually gives me an idea, and lets me have freedom to execute it however I choose.

"For this particular visit, the goal was hot pink hair. I knew she was going to need to be pre-lightened. Since it has been a while since any kind of deep conditioning treatment, I knew she was going to need Olaplex added to her service."

STEP 1: Prep the canvas. Blend Joico Vero K-Pak Vero Light Lightening Powder+40v and Olaplex. Avoid the light underneath layer from a prior color. "I pre-lighten in what I call 'balayANG'. This is a combination of weaved sectioning, personalized to each gem, that is hand painted and smudged for soft transition and grow out."

STEP 2: Process for 45 minutes. "After seeing only a slight lift, I decided to not push the envelope too much. I rinsed and finished up with Olaplex No. 2." Trim the hair.

STEP 3: Dry with SX Pro Dryer from Cricket. "This is important because of the wide diffuser attachment. Being able to take wider sections, allows for quicker drying, and lessens the time heat is applied to the hair. It just adds to the maintenance of healthy hair. Your tools are JUST as important as your formulas!"

STEP 4: Examine the hair. "Once I had this step complete, I realized she didn't lift as light as needed for hot pink. My gem only reached about a level 7. I needed to apply a color that was vibrant enough to be bold on this level. The original planned color combo went out the window and I had to reformulate. Standing there, staring at my color bowl, and the wheels started turning."

STEP 5: Blend 1/2 tube Joico Color Intensity Magenta with 1/2 tube RUSK Deephine Direct Purple with 2 whole tubes RUSK Deepshine Direct Pink. "Dab on napkin....color was perfect!! Not so bright that it would look muted on a level 7 canvas, but dark enough to deposit and add a punch!"

STEP 6: Apply as an all over color and process for 25 minutes. Rinse in cold water, and follow with a cleansing conditioner "instead of shampooing and conditioning." Finish with CHI Silk Infusion and a Cricket SX Pro Dryer and the Cricket SX Pro Hot Air Brush.

"I do a lot of hair color makeovers, and they are very soul satisfying for me. It's literally bringing art to life. Educating my gems on their hair is also rewarding. I want to show them that healthy hair, is happy hair! I experiment all the time and one thing that is a constant is the fact I will NEVER comprise their hair for a project. I appreciate their understanding of that, and they appreciate my TLC (tender lovin' colourin')"

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