Flaming red will have all eyes on your client.
Flaming red will have all eyes on your client.

This GKhair flaming red was created sailing on the Caribbean Sea as a celebration of the beauty of Turks and Caicos.

Natural level 5
Formula 1: 40 g GKhair Juvexin Lightening Cream + 20 g deep conditioner with 40 g 20-volume developer
Formula 2: 20 g Red Mixtone + 20 g 7.26 with 60 g 20-volume developer

1. Apply Formula 1 to all of the hair. Process 20 minutes. Then wash with Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo, rinse and condition.
2. Apply Formula 2 throughout the base to ends. Process 30 minutes.

Color: Federico Longo and Nicole Yearwood
Styling: Federico Longo
Photographer: Mark Thompson
Makeup: Nicole Yearwood

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