Geometric Split: Chocolate Toned Color Formula from ColorDesign

Fashion color placements can be used in a salon-friendly, wearable way. In this formula using ColorDesign, chocolate tones are placed opposite one another, based on large, geometric shapes.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 5 (virgin hair)

Formula 1: 1 oz Permanent Color 5.77 with 1.5 oz 10-volume developer
Formula 2: Shiny Blond clay cream lightener with 20-volume developer (1:1)
Formula 3: 1 oz Permanent Color 7.77 with 1.5 oz 10-volume developer

1. Starting an inch behind the front hairline, take two partings that move from mid-brow to the parietal ridge in back, where they meet at the center to create a back V-shape. These are sections 1 (client’s right front) and 2 (left front). Divide the back with a center parting that moves from the apex of the V to the nape. These are sections 3 (left back and side) and 4 (right back and side). Then subdivide the inch left free at the hairline into 4 sections. Apply Formula 1 to all new growth.
2. Prelighten the midlengths and ends of sections 2 and 4 by applying Formula 2.
3. In sections 1 and 3, bring Formula 1 through the midlengths and ends.
4. In the subdivided front inch, apply Formula 2 to the left sections and Formula 1 to the ones on the right. The result is that the formulas are opposite one another, based on adjoining sections. Process 30 minutes. Then shampoo and towel dry.
5. Apply Formula 3 to the prelightened midlengths and ends only, and process 20 minutes. Shampoo, rinse and reconstruct.


Hair: Antonio Magliano
Photographer: Nick Bendardi

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