Lush Lilac: Purple Hair Color Formula from GKHair

This whimsical Lush Lilac shade using GKhair was created to show a variation of subtle violets inspired by florals.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 6

Formula 1: 1 oz Juvexin Lightening Powder + 0.30 oz Shield Additive with 2 oz 30-volume developer
Formula 2: 1 oz 5.1 with 1.5 oz 8-volume developer
Formula 3: 1 oz 10.12 + 0.5 oz 7.26 + pea-sized amounts of Yellow Mixtone and Violet Mixtone with 3 oz 8-volume developer
Formula 4: 1 oz 10.12 + a pea-sized amount of Violet Mixtone with 1.5 oz 8-volume developer

1. Using Formula 1, pre-lighten throughout the hair by creating highlights. Process 45 minutes; then rinse, shampoo and blow dry
2. Apply Formula 2 to the base. Begin timing; processing will be for 30 minutes total.
3. Fifteen minutes into processing, apply Formula 3 to midlengths. Process for 15 minutes.
4. Ten minutes into Formula 3 processing, emulsify the formula with ends. Process 5 minutes.

Hair: Tricia Ostrom IG
Photographer: Mark Thompson, Sublime Photos
Makeup: Saoni Marrero & Jerilee Lamarche, Glam Squad Orlando

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