Say These Three Sentences to Build Your Clientele

The social media chat rooms are always abuzz with chatter of how to build your business.  Everyone is seeking the secrets.

The secret is, there are no secrets.

Thomas Edison is famously quoted for stating, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work”.  The hard work of building a clientele is actually quite simple.  That is not to say it is not hard to do well.  The reality is that most hair cutters simply are not willing to do the work.

The best way to build business in our haircut business is to DO three simple things and SAY three simple things.  The tough part is to do these three things and say these three things to every client, every time.  No exceptions.

Are you willing to do simple thigs very well and very consistently?

Below are the three sentences I believe make up a complete business building system for hair cutters.

Put these three sentences into action today.

Build a bigger and better business than you ever imagined.  And you never imagined it was really just this simple.

When you have finished their haircut, recommended their take-home hair care product, rebooked their next appointment and rung them up, hand them their change, accept your gratuity and then…

Shake their hand, look them in the eye and say:

“Thank you for the opportunity to cut your hair.”

Keep a firm grip on their hand and keep looking them in the eye and say:

“I appreciate your business.”

Smile and then add:

“If I give you two cards will you send me two friends?”

Release your grip and hand over two of your business cards.

That is all.

That is it.

There is nothing more to it.

If you can do this, if you choose to do this, if you are willing to commit to this you are well on your way to a spot in the top 10% of earners in the haircutting business.

Use the sentences as they are, word for word.

Do not alter the words.  Do not change the order.

Take a page from the playbook from Nike shoes.

Just do it.  You will be glad you did.  Your bank balance will prove it was a good strategy.


Ivan Zoot AKA ClipperGuy is your haircutter coach. Get and stay healthy, wealthy and wise with clipperguy support.




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