Create Styles Protected Against Color Fading, Damage and Environmental Pollution with the New RUSKPRO Line

by MODERN Staff | September 7, 2018

Inspired by the color, architecture and culture of three eclectic cities—New Orleans, South Beach Miami and Las Vegas—Luis Alvarez and team demo the design power of the new RUSKPRO line in the most hair-challenging environments.

Mix-and-match colors, patterns and textures are driving fall fashion and hair trends, says Luis Alvarez, Sr. vice president of education and creative for BaBylissPRO and all brands under its professional umbrella, including RUSKPRO.

“When you know how to mix and layer, you can offer so much versatility," he says. "If a client’s hair is naturally curly, you can use one product to coil and enhance, or another to transform the texture.”

Curated layering is the vision behind the new, 10-product, four-phase RUSKPRO Protective Hair Care System. The artistfocused line is formulated with CDEpHlex3 technology to protect hair from color fading, damage and environmental pollution.

“It acts like a shield over each hair strand to repel dust, pollen and the city effects that can dull hair.” Alvarez says.

It also helps styles stand up to climate extremes the RUSKPRO crew experienced on location—from delta-level humidity to desert dry air. Blending artistic versatility and hair integrity across all textures and elements? This fall, it’s all in the mix with RUSKPRO.

Hair: Julie Mathey, Maybe Saylor, Trisha Granados, Reggie Mitchell and Nicole Fowler for RuskPRO
Photography: Luis Alvarez for BaBylissPRO
Makeup: Wanda Alvarez for Satin Smooth

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.


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