Shades of Love Detangler by Wet Brush + an Integrated Brush Cleaner in the Handle!

by Lauren Salapatek | October 5, 2016 | J & D Beauty Products | Brushes and Combs

Wet Brush Pro’s Shades of Love Detangler features an integrated brush cleaner that stores neatly in the brush’s handle. The finger grip allows the cleaner to be effortlessly removed and snaps back in when you are finished cleaning your brush.

20% of profits of the BCA Shades of Love Detangler and Brush Cleaner support Breast Cancer research.

The Shades of Love Detangler uses IntelliFlex bristles that bend around and over knots, working them out gently, without breaking or pulling hair.


  • The brush’s soft floating cushion compliments its super flexible bristles to provide even more flexibility and protection, making it more responsive to tangles and knots while providing a barrier between the brush and the scalp.
  • Longer bristles allow for more elasticity when brushing through any type of hair, making it easier to comb through knots and more comfortable than with smaller bristles; longer bristles shorten the detangling process.

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