Amika Launches Two New Foam Products

by MODERN Staff | April 25, 2018 | Amika | Finishing Products
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Amika has launched two new foam products: the Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam and the Bust Your Brass Violet Leave-in Treatment Foam.

Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam:

This dry shampoo foam gently cleanses by absorbing excess oils that weigh hair down while also working to provide hydration. The foam revitalizes hair and is ideal to create volume in between washes for dry, chemically treated or curl hair types.

  • It's infused with rice starch to absorb oil and add volume
  • A sodium chloride-free surfactant works to deliver a clean look while anti-static and frizz-reducing properties help to smooth styles.

To use:

Shake well. Spray a golf ball-sized amount into your palm. Work into the desired area and massage the product in until dry. Repeat as needed, and style as usual. 

Bust Your Brass Violet Leave-in Treatment

This daily, no-rise conditioner softens and detangles hair while providing toning benefits to counteract brassiness. The formula contains violet pigments to ensure hair is bright, shiny and cool-toned. Although the foam is ideal for all hair colors, it works especially well with blonde, silver or gray hair (both natural and enhanced).

  • It's been formulated with panthenol to deliver long-lasting moisture and to prevent hair damage
  • The foam has also been infused with a precise shade of violet (the exact opposite to yellow on the color wheel) to allow for the best neutralization of brassy tones. 

To use:

Shake well. Dispense the treatment into your palms and distribute evenly though damp hair. Style as desired. 

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