MAKEOVER: Uh-Oh to Icy Blonde

Ricardo Jara is an impressive colorist. MODERN is regularly wowed by his amazing makeovers posted on his @ricardojarahair Instagram page. The one pictured here kind of stopped us in our tracks and we had to know more. We reached out to Ricardo to get the details. Here he shares for this seven hour correction: 

L I G H T E N I N G:  Section the hair into four quadrants. Beginning in the front, take fine sections 1/4th inch away from hairline. In back to back foils, apply Oligo Pro Extra Blonde and 20 volume smart developer (with B3 added) just to line of demarcation. Make sure to fully saturate every section. Re-mix lightener every 30 minutes for consistency. Process for two hours. Open foil and reapply the same formula where needed. Lift to a level 7/8 and then apply the same formula to the base. Cover with a warm damp towel and process to a buttery blonde. Once lifted to desired shade, wipe down with a towel and spray with a mixture of Fab.Me Leave-in, blended with distilled water. (This process took 4 – 5 hours.)

P R E - W A S H: Bleach wash the ends for 2 minutes with Oligo Pro Cool Toned Blonde and 10 volume, then pre tone with Oligo Pro Blue + Violet shampoo. Again, spray with the Design.Me mixture to  help balance ph and equalize porosity. 

T O N E: At the bowl apply Redken Shades EQ 1oz 9g + to the base. To the ends apply the 9g plus Clear.

W A S H/CONDITION: Shampoo with Design.Me Puff.Me volume shampoo and condition with Biolage Hydrate Mask for 5 minutes. 

C O C K T A I L: Blend Design.Me PowerDry.Me,  Fab.Me and Sexy Hair Protect Me.

S T Y L E: Finger dry the hair and polish with Sultra Beauty Infrared flat iron.

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