Makeover by <strong>KMS</strong> National Artist, <strong>Sage Kinney</strong>
Makeover by KMS National Artist, Sage Kinney

KMS National Artist, Sage Kinney (@sagekinney) of 91 South Salon and Spa, Berlin, NJ, has perfected the art of Mermaid Color.

Here she shares the details for this makeover using all Elumen by Goldwell on her client who has a natural level 7N with an existing level of pre-lightened 10+. 

STEP 1: Apply Elumen formula (BL@ALL 60mls + TQ@ALL 60mls) to all of the regrowth traveling 2-3 inches down the hair.

STEP 2: Take diagonal parts in the back of the hair to create a brick-lay of triangular sections, alternating the three separate formulas listed below in the following pattern: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1. All formulas were laid on top of each other without any foil or barrier to separate.

  • Formula 1 (Elumen TQ@ALL 60mls)
  • Formula 2 (Elumen GN@ALL 60mls)
  • Formula 3 (Elumen BL@ALL 60mls)

STEP 3: Process at room temperature for 30 minutes. Shampoo with Elumen Wash, locking in for five minutes. Condition with Elumen Treat.

STEP 4: Apply KMS THERMASHAPE Straightening Cream and style as desired.

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