The New Neutrals Collection Added to Paul Mitchell the Color XG

by MODERN Staff | July 25, 2019 | Paul Mitchell Systems | Hair Color
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Introducing The New Naturals collection, a shade expansion for  Paul Mitchell the color XG. The collection has 10 new pick-and-put options that are anything but your average brown and blonde tones.

Brown Ash, Brown Gold and Violet Gold will broaden color expectations by offering rich, multidimensional, and naturally beautiful end results that are anything but basic.

“The New Naturals are soft and rich, and come in three new shades," Colin Caruso, Artistic Director of Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color says. "The Brown Ash gives a cooler result without looking flat or muted. The Brown Gold is the perfect blend of warmth without the brassiness that often comes with using gold tones. I’m most excited about the Violet Gold. It’s a beautiful combination of cool and slight touches of gold reflection for an almost iridescent vibe. There’s truly something for everyone. Of course, you can also intermix the shades to create fresh new formulas.”

The 10 new shades span across three new tonal families:

  • Brown Ash 4BA, 5BA, 6BA, 7BA 
  • Brown Gold 6BG, 7BG, 9BG 
  • Violet Gold 5VG, 7VG, 9VG

Paul Mitchell the color XG New Naturals Collection is available beginning September 2019.


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