Hair heroes are stylists who have taken the time to train in hair loss solutions and then apply them, everyday, to help their clients look and feel better. Meet Alandra Henderson of DL Lowry Hairspa in Indianapolis, IN and Alandra’s client, Julie Ragains.  

"Helping my clients with their hair loss struggles is the most rewarding part of being a hairstylist," says Henderson. "I have been able to give them their confidence back. They can go swimming with their kids again and take pictures outside on windy days. One client in particular even canceled her anniversary dinner with her husband. It was shortly after that night that she found me through social media and came in for a HairCoach consultation. We’ve had such great success that she (Julie) shared her story on social media with hopes of helping others:


“This post is very personal but I have to share, because it might help someone else. After my pituitary tumor removal a couple of years ago, I started losing my hair. I’ve always prided myself on being a fairly strong woman. I thought that if my hair got thin, it would be fine (no pun intended). But it wouldn’t stop falling out. It got worse and worse. I can’t tell you how many times I had breakdowns in the shower and then just started avoiding going in public or seeing friends. I survived brain surgery, but this broke me. Through Facebook, I was recommended Alandra Henderson at DL Lowry Salon. She is a fellow Washington County girl who is a Certified Hair Coach through Bauman Medical. I was so nervous, but I scheduled a hair loss consultation with her. And that day, I met the girl who gave me my life back. My angel, honestly.  I cannot say enough good things about Alandra. She is so chic, talented, and incredibly hard working. She could very well be working in high fashion, editorial hair styling, but I can personally tell you that she is doing exactly what she is meant to be doing. From the moment I walked into her work space, she made me feel human again and not alone. She has a heart of gold and not only plays the role of fierce hair stylist, but personal therapist as well. Her hair loss consultation was thorough and gave me actual metrics and measurements to work with. As a data-oriented person, I appreciated that. She was straight up with her assessment and made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. Sometimes you just need to hear it. She and Dr. Bauman completely turned it around. After a few consultations, I started on various topical treatments and products. The results speak for themselves. Alandra also gave me an amazing haircut to highlight my new growth. I see her every couple of months and it is always the highlight of my day. I look at these pictures and see how not only my hair has improved, the pain has melted away from my eyes. It’s hard to talk about, but if anyone else is struggling with this, please reach out to me directly. Alandra is a godsend. I’ll send you her way.”--Julie Ragains

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“Studying hair loss before the conference felt like I was all alone in a dark hallway. It is wonderful to now be a part of a community of professionals who have the same passion about hair loss that I do. The conference was so inspiring to keep pushing forward!”—Alandra Henderson, stylist at DL Lowry Hairspa Boutique, Indianapolis



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