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A scroll through Instagram might lead you to believe that vibrant, fashion colors are the bread and butter of the beauty industry. But that fact remains that although these colors are certainly gaining popularity, the majority of clients seek more natural hues. For clients looking to experiment with fun, nontraditional color choices, the decision to make a permanent color change might be overwhelming, but KMS offers them a solution. With the brand's StyleColor sprays, clients can achieve color without commitment; a win-win!

The fashion-forward color collection is spray-on hair color that is easy to apply with even results on both darker and lighter hair. It's deesigned to stay put on the hair, so don't be afraid to bust out the silk pillowcases; these sprays are designed to not transfer! They're available in nine tones: Iced Concrete, Smokey Lilac, Stone Wash Denim, Brushed Gold, Dusky Blonde, Rusty Copper, Frosted Brown, Raw Mocha and Vintage Blush.

Ohio-based colorist Marie Negron, @glamhairbymarie, loves incorporating the color sprays into her styling routine.

"I love the sprays because they make color possibilites endless," Negron says. "Clients can change their color as often as they like without worry. It's as simple as shaking and spraying."

Loving this colored curly look below? Check out Negron's how-to steps:

Color without Commitment: How to use KMS StyleColor


Curly, Colored Look Using KMS StyleColor:

  1. Start with clean hair, and add some texturizing spray. 
  2. Section the hair from ear to ear, and clip the front section away. 
  3. Starting in the back from the bottom up, take small sections (about 1 inch), and start working on your curls. 
  4. Use a 3/4” curly iron or a wand and wrap the hair around, and hold for few seconds then let the curl cool off. 
  5. Continue doing the same until you have a full head of beautiful curls. 
  6. Using the KMS sprays in Iced Concrete, Smokey Lilac, Stone Wash Denim, Rusty Copper and Vintage blush, start to pick curls from the bottom up and spray the hair alternating the colors and leaving one curl without color in between. PRO TIP: Use a mesh paper to place underneath the curl before spraying the color; this will help to keep the color only in that targeted area.  
  7. Wait a few minutes after you finish applying your colors to let the hair dry, and then using a rack tail comb, separate the curls to create more texture and movement. 
  8. This style is very easy to achieve and definitely so much fun. It is perfect for any guests who are looking to try any fashion colors but don’t want the commitment or simply can’t have due to work restrictions. 

See the sprays in action! Negron demos how to add depth to braids using KMS Stylecolor:

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