How to Make the Most of Trading Services for Social Media Recognition


His signature is smoldering and sexy and Daniel Mora @danielmbeauty, a Los Angeles-based artist, has made many beautiful women become even more so with his hair styling magic.  Recently, Mora spoke on his Instagram about collaborations with social media influencers.  As one himself, he had some terrific insight to share on the importance of being clear about expectations and transparent about social stats.

“With the rise of social media and all the amazing talent out in the world available at the tap of a finger, it is so important for ALL of us to adapt to all new ways of growing our business,” he says. “Few of the ways to grow your business through social media are collaborations and trade work. These two come at no monetary compensation, so here are few tips so that YOU the artist and the one putting all the labor and product in gets what you need to get out of the trade.”

We thought these excellent pointers from Mora (one of our MODERN SALON 100 Artists) were important to pass along. Keep these things in mind the next time you consider a collaboration:

1. First and foremost, know that followers don’t always equal money (I know this varies depending on the artist).

2. If you are approached by anyone asking for a service at no cost based on their following be sure to request the following:

A) Ask for a screenshot of the average percentage of female following compared to male following.  If you provide services for women only, you need to make sure that the average percent of the female following is large enough to invest your time and money into doing the service/collab.

B). Ask for the following average based on states/cities. Doing someone’s hair as trade work whose following location doesn’t match your business location is probably not a good idea.

3. Be sure that you get to do a service that is gonna further your brand and is ON BRAND.

4. I look at the trade work as “how many clients will I possibly get out of this” because clients = money. If your intention is to simply grow a following, THATS TOTALLY VALID TOO. And you can use the same tips. Just remember followers don’t always equal money (again this varies depending on the artist).


EVERYONE: “look cool!” HER: “💁🏼‍♀️” ME: “😬” (We both interpret cool in diff ways) . Same thing happens with hair, everyone sees and interprets color differently. That’s why I prefer in person consultations over text or email. The biggest one for me is the topic of “bronde”. Some people see bronde as a brunette having very minimal amount of blonde pieces carefully placed thought out the head. To me a bronde is determined by the tonal value. It doesn’t make one or the other wrong, just a different take. CONSULTATIONS ARE EVERYTHING FOR THIS REASON. . . . . . #haireducation #clientconsultation #blondehair #wavyhair #danielmbabes #lacolorist #behindthechair #americansalon #modernsalon #maneaddicts #balayage

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Oh, HI THERE!!!!! I’ve missed you. Hope everyone had an awesome start to October. We are over here turning heads with this gorge #danielmbabes makeover 🔥. @redken Flashlift and 10 vol all throughout. We skipped the toning and only used clear gloss for 20 mins. Love using clear gloss to even out porosity. Added 6 smart tabs from The Hair Shop on each side of the head to fill and add more density. It’s a super quick and easy fix for people that suffer Feom chemical damage. #redkenbrandambassador #ittakesapro . Cut/style: @marisacuts 💣 . . . . . . . . . . . . #behindthechair #redkenusa #modernsalon #balayage #lacolorist #pasadenacolorist #bestofbalayage #huntingtonbeach #lagunabeach #mastersofbalayage #ashblonde #beachyblonde #americansalon #hottoolspro #saloncentric #moneypiece

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(Ps. I am aware, Brunette is spelled wrong on the photo. Too late to delete. I’m sure everyone knows I meant to type brunette hehe 🤗) Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing with the babes tribe how I touch up my signature dimensional Blonde technique. We also had a bonus and showed how to turn a Dimensional Blonde into a Dimensional Brunette. We tapped into fillers and I broke down all of my favorite @redken shades EQ gloss filler formulas depending on the desired finished look. Thanks @redken for putting this together and allowing me to bring a small portion of the babes tribe together to experience this. #redkenbrandambassador #ittakesapro . . . . . . . #redkenusa #huntingtonbeachstylist #pasadenastylist #behindthechair #americansalon #modernsalon #dimensionalblonde #brunette #beatofbalayage

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