HAIR by John Mosley

He’s a barber’s barber, someone who travels the world educating on barbering techniques, and John Mosley (@popular_nobody), achieved this respect and reputation by doing things the right way.  Mosley tells us how he keeps his tools primed for success.

“I use Andis clippers and I love their durability,” Mosley shares. “I have some clippers that I’ve owned for ten years now and the only time something has happened to them was maybe from me dropping them.” But, he also points out, they have lasted because he’s taken care of them.




Step One: Clean It Up

Blow the hair out of the clipper using Andis Cool Care Plus for Clipper. “It has a high-pressure nozzle that sprays hair out of the blade teeth and cleans it, at the same time,” Mosley says.  This makes it easier to get oil distributed, in the next step.

To use: Andis Cool Care Plus for Clipper

  High pressure tip nozzle quickly sprays hair out of blade teeth

  5-in-1 formula is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant and cleaner

  It’s also a virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide

  Rust preventive

Step Two: Oil It Up

Oil the blade with just three drops of oil; one on the corners and one in center. “Turn on the clipper and then rotate the clipper in your hand so the oil rolls down (middle oil rolling down to the sides).” Oil keeps the blade from heating up.  Wipe excess oil off the blade and clipper and you’re ready to go.

Before and after every cut, he sprays the tool to remove hair and reapplies the lubrication. “Think of it like a car engine and make sure it’s always well-oiled so it doesn’t overheat,” Mosley advises.


Once a week:

 Submerge the blade with Andis Blade Care Plus. “It washes away the buildup,” Mosely explains. “Put enough to submerge the blade into a container. Also, turn the clipper on and let it run a few minutes.  The vibration helps push everything out.”

Andis Blade Care Plus

  This 7-in-1, Vitamin E enriched formula cools, deodorizes, lubricates, cleans, prevents rust and decontaminates

  Washes away hair and other accumulation to leave clippers clean, lubricated, and cool for optimal performance

HAIR by John Mosley



Part of clipper maintenance is charging it properly. “Make sure it’s charged until the light stops flashing and then it’s ready to be used. Then, let it run all the way back down.”

Cord Care:

You want to maintain the cords by wrapping them properly so they don’t get tangled. “I go to Guitar Center or Home Depot and get the Velcro wraps and roll it in a circle so that there is not too much tension on the cord.  I leave the piece coming from the body out about three inches because you don’t want to loosen that and then wrap the rest in the circle.”  

Blade: “One thing that I’ve noticed that people don’t often do is use the blade cover that comes with your tool. When you open your clipper fresh out of the box, there is a little guard on it, protecting the blade for shipping—keep and use that cover. The worst thing that can happen is getting to a location and a blade is chipped.”


John Mosley (@popular_nobody)


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