You have questions about working with textured hair. And who better than two experts from Ouidad to turn to for answers to those questions? Ouidad Curl Experts Chadwick Pendley and Jessica O’Brien break it down for you, from roots to ends.

Q: How often should curls be trimmed and do they need to be trimmed if the client is trying to grow her hair?
I recommend that guests return every 10 weeks. Ten weeks is the perfect amount of time to maintain curls. Any longer jeopardizes curl maintenance. That’s why I suggest the same trim frequency, even if the client is growing out her length. If ends start to split, and continue to split, I have to cut off more hair, which will set the client back when trying to grow out her hair.

Q: Can you share a few techniques for styling inconsistent curls and making them look well-formed and cohesive?
Admittedly, creating consistent curls can be challenging on certain curl types. If the client has a mixture of loose and classic curls, the best approach is to dry the looser texture first with a diffuser to help encourage curl formation, and then allow the classic curl to air dry. The same strategy works for someone with a combination of classic curls and tight curls. You could also use the diffuser on the looser texture, and then place the client under a hood dryer to dry the rest of the hair.

Q: Why are diffusers ideal for drying curls?
It’s important to understand that a blow dryer uses both air stream and heat to dry hair. When it comes to curls, you need to reduce airflow, because that’s what causes curls to become frizzy and undefined. Using the diffuser attachment eliminates the airflow, using just heat to evaporate water.  Therefore, you won’t disrupt the curl or cause frizz with a diffuser.

Q: What are the most effective ingredients to look for when styling and caring for curly hair?
When it comes to curls you must always be sure you are rehydrating the hair. Without hydration and moisture they will not perform. Ouidad products address these important issues. Ouidad has always taken a skin care approach to product formulation, with care and styling products that heal and restore from the inside out. I personally look for mongongo oil, watermelon seed oil and sunflower seed oil--all of which are ingredients that are known to heal and promote beautiful curls. For exceptionally dry hair, I like Mafura butter, which is contained in the Ouidad Curl Immersion Silky Soufflé Setting Crème and Curl Recovery Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask.

Q: Frizz is one of the biggest pain points for curly clients. How do you control frizzy curls?
If hair is frizzy, or even prone to frizz, be sure to apply styling products evenly and on soaking wet hair. Then don’t touch it! The more curls are touched, the frizzier they get. I also recommend the Ouidad Climate Control collection of care and styling products for curly hair that is prone to frizz. It helps lay the cuticle down, which makes the hair smoother and helps the curl repel the moisture that causes hair to swell and become frizzy.

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