Tony Odisho, respected beauty expert and owner of EXSALONCE Salon in Chicago, is seeing and feeling the impact of COVID-19 like countless others in the professional beauty industry but has found pro-active ways consumers and clients can help support their trusted beauty professionals throughout this difficult time.  Odisho is sharing his top tips for how clients can help salons and stylists by doing some small – but important – things to help them overcome the loss of income during this time.

“It’s so important for clients, now more than ever, to come together and help support their beauty community.  Small gestures, like choosing to buy products online from a beauty pro versus Amazon, can make a huge positive impact right now and help bridge the gap until beauty professionals are back to work. The industry needs that help,” says Odisho.

If your clients are asking for how they can support you, maybe suggest...

  1. Schedule your next appointment now! Yes, salons may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule your next appointment for the coming month or beyond. When salons and spas re-open, there will be a lot of grey hairs and roots needing to be covered and over-due haircuts so book now.
  2. Purchase a gift card online for the appointment you just booked. That helps the salon and stylist earn income now and you can use it anytime in the future.
  3. If you love your hairdresser or nail technicial, or your local salon or spa, leave a great review on Google or Yelp – they truly appreciate it!
  4. Are you a small business owner too? Give your beauty pro or salon a shout out on social media and tag them. They, in turn, will shout and tag back. Help keep them in the forefront.
  5. Let your salon/spa or beauty pro know what you want to see more of. This can be new services, products, techniques or other suggestions! We have time now to plan for the future and your opinions matters.
  6. Share, like, comment on your salon’s or beauty pro’s social media feed. Let’s communicate!
  7. Don’t just cancel appointments – reschedule them!
  8. Purchase your favorite professional products from salons or spas that have online stores.

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