5 Core Hair Principles to Guide a Stylist
5 Core Hair Principles to Guide a Stylist

Finding core values that are important to you can empower and guide you on a path that brings you happiness and success.  And, since happiness and success looks very different to everyone, spend some time really thinking about what’s important to you and how it will guide you through life. When you’re passionate about these principles and they come from the heart, they will always be there to guide you when you need them.  I’ve spent many hours honing mine and have 5 that I live by that I’d love to share.

Knowledge Is Power

Educate yourself on every unique hair type and how to treat it with proper hair care, coloring and styling. Continue to invest in yourself with ongoing education from various educators and companies. I can almost guarantee you will pick up at least one thing that can aid you in your success in one way or another. Don’t forget to pass it on, teach what you have learned to your clients and fellow stylists, empower those around you and it will lift you up as well.

Beauty Starts Within  

Healthy Diet + Healthy Mind = Healthy You. We have to work on what’s inside to shine on the outside. This is something I have to work hard at but know how important it is.  As a busy salon owner, wife, mom of three little girls, full time stylist and Sam Villa ArTeam Member, sometimes I forget to make time to take care of myself. There have been times I don’t eat my first meal until 5:30pm, running on two cups of coffee all day and I’m not feeling very beautiful those days, more like a hangry stressed monster. But we know, it’s not about the pretty packaging, but the ingredients inside the bottle that make the difference. We talk about the benefits of those ingredients with clients about how it will help them with their hair needs on the outside. Same goes for us. Be aware of what you put into your body and allow into your mind. Make time for yourself and fill up on the good stuff.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you are no good to anyone else!

Practice Makes Perfect

You are the expert, but you need to act like one.A highly trained professional practices over and over to perfect their craft and predict every mistake possible so they can consistently get things right. We consume so much daily that if you don’t physically practice what you learn, you will lose it. The physical act of practicing is what helps us retain the knowledge and become stronger.It allows you to apply it behind the chair, as well as guide you when you feel less confident.

Never Skimp on Quality

The right tools and products make all the difference in your work and your health. Invest in options that not only deliver amazing results for your clients, but that are also ergonomic, superior quality and perform well, so your work shines as well as your attitude.  There’s nothing worse than being in pain all day from lifting a heavy blow dryer or standing at an awkward position to do a precision cut with inferior tools.  At Sam Villa we say, “Our Shears, Save Careers” because they allow you to work better longer.

Be Kind

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Every client is an opportunity to transform someone’s day, month, or year. We all have our own struggles as stylists and salon owners, but our biggest strength is kindness.

Remember you are fabulous in so many ways!

Anna Peters

Sam Villa ArTeam Member


Anna Peters is a Sam Villa ArTeam Member and owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design Studio


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