Coping with the pandemic-related fears of clients and team members and working to get sales up to pre-shutdown totals is beyond stressful. It’s important that you take a moment now and then to focus on yourself. Not only will it be restorative for you, but you'll better be able to give your best to your business, clients, team members and family.

Here, are 10 ideas to give yourself a little break to focus on something positive and replenish your reserves: 


Take a Walk, Literally. Find a beautiful park or walking trail in your community and lose yourself to nature.

Share Your Gratitude. Showing someone your appreciation makes you feel good in return. Pick up a pen and a nice piece of stationery and hand write  a note that will be sure to make someone smile.


Renew a Hobby. Pick up that dusty guitar or dig out that unfinished art project. Spend some time in the pure pleasure of creation.

Take Deep Breaths. That’s always a quick one you can do any time, any where.


Exercise. Take an online yoga class or make good use of any home fitness equipment. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get that heart pumping.  

Phone a Friend. Stress getting to you? Call someone unrelated to the situation and ask if you can unload. Just make sure to return the favor!Refuel. Make a healthy meal that encourages you to indulge in your favorite fruits and veggies.


Meditate. Sit quietly, let go of your thoughts, and focus your mind. Trouble getting started? There are a number of free apps that will guide you through it.


Refuel. Make a healthy meal for yourself that encourages you to indulge in your favorite fruits and vegtables. 

Create Some Fun. Break out your favorite board game and inspire your family to turn off the TV. Or, Zoom with friends and create a way to play it virtually.


Read a Good Book. Escape for a moment and lose yourself into a world only good fiction can create.

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Originally posted on Salon Today