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@regisdesignline Enchanted Midnight Color Care is my go-to product line for my fashion color clients. #ad The shampoo and conditioner provide a sulfate-free cleanse and balances out moisture and elasticity--Which we all know our color clients need! These products are infused with green tea extracts, argan and olive oils, and keratin which leaves the hair with a silky, smoothed, frizz-free finish. I also love to use the Weightless Oil as a UV protectant to keep her purple from fading from the sun. Find designline online @walmart or at select @smartstylesalon locations nationwide. #lzhouseofhair @regisdesignline @SmartStyleSalon @modernsalon #pulpriothair #pulpriot #modernsalon #americansalon #ittakesapro @salon530barrington #licensedtocreate #purplehair #ultraviolet #ultraviolethair #longhair #hairstylist #chicagoblogger #chicagohair #chicagohairstylist @illinoiscut @empathem_

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Bright, bold hair colors, they make a statement. And all the work that went into them can be washed down the drain if proper at-home care isn’t taken.

Diana Giannini @lzhouseofhair, a creative colorist and MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member based in Barrington, Illinois, fills her chair and her Instagram feed with clients ready for pops of brightness, some pretty pastels and all-over statement making hair color. 

To protect her work and maintain hair health, Giannini uses the Enchanted Midnight Collection from designline, professional salon haircare formulated with oils, proteins, and Green Tea Extract to optimize color brilliance and protection for preserved color intensity.  Formulas are SLS/SLES and paraben free, gluten free, and color safe.  

She recommends that clients make Enchanted Midnight color care products a part of their maintenance routine, as well. 

“The shampoo and conditioner provide a sulfate-free cleanse and balance out moisture and elasticity, which we all know our color clients need!” she says.


Designline Enchanted Midnight Collection is formulated to protect and preserve haircolor.

In addition to incorporating color-safe products into their regimen, these client instructions also help extend that vibrant finish:

  • Shampoo less and find a dry shampoo that you love and can use to refresh hair in between washings.
  • When you do shampoo your hair, use lukewarm water so you keep the cuticle closed and color molecules in.
  • Low heat setting for styling tools (same principle as above).
  • Sulfate-free hair products will offer a more gentle cleanse, remove less protective oil from scalp and hair, which helps maintain color results.

Enchanted Midnight Shampoo is a sulfate free formula with keratin that gently cleanses while helping to preserve vibrant, rich, healthy looking color. It leaves your color treated hair strengthened using botanicals and provides sun filtering properties that help maximize color depth. Helps maintain moisture balance and increases elasticity, while shielding from environmental and thermal stress.

Enchanted Midnight Conditioner is a deeply nourishing formula that adds brilliance and moisture to dehydrated, color treated hair. It aids in sealing the cuticle, extending the integrity of rich, beautiful and vibrant color. Delivers smooth, shimmering, healthy looking hair by helping to prevent fade out or wash out.

Enchanted Midnight Weightless Oil acts as both a nourishing daily oil and style primer. It helps to care for color treated hair while adding vibrancy, shine and a super smooth finish.

Find designline at select SmartStyle Salon locations nationwide and at the brand's website.


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