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HOW TO Create a Modern Face Shape With Powder

Maggie Mulhern | July 19, 2013 | 8:48 AM

Make up artist Kristina-Monique, Director of Make Up Artistry for the Bellus Academies of California and Kansas, has been learned in her 12 years of make up artistry that the proper placement of powder can alter the shape of a face, adding flattering definition and accenting structure.

"Highlighting and shadowing can transform a face," says Kristina-Monique who uses a gray based taupe (she uses MUD) for contour. She pats the brush on the powder with a "fluffy" Inglot brush and gently runs the brush along the hollow of the cheek to allow the cheek bone to pop out and create a flattering shape.

In this video Kristina-Monique shows HOW TO transform a face using just 2 brushes and three shades, and offers the following tips:

6 Tips:

1. "A good rule of thumb is to use a shade that is about 4 shades darker than the skin tone."

2. Clean your brushes after each client.

3. NEVER blow on a brush ("It would be like blowing on her face!" says Kristina-Monique.)

4. A bronzer may be used for a more natural look.

5. You can "stack" colors on a brush as long as the colors are lighter.

6. Use a figure 8 or circular motion in application for more natural look.

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