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Trend Alert: The “Man Bun” by Marylle Koken

Lauren Salapatek | October 27, 2014 | 8:47 AM
Photo By Nick Berardi

Calling all hipsters, artists and men with really long hair…I’ve got a hot one for ya. Spotted on the streets here in Venice Beach, CA, one of my fave men’s trends of the season is the effortless, twisted and tossed up “Man Bun.”

Why you ask?

Think of the “Man Bun” as a way of conveying an easy-going attitude, but still managing that beach-worthy sense of style.  There’s no denying the men here in Cali love their long hair and this is a simple way for them to change up their look, day to night, while staying current.

So, ready for the skinny on how to recreate this trend? Here ya go:

  • Toss the head forward so all of the hair is to the front
  • Grab the hair at the base and begin to twist
  • After it’s all been twisted, wrap the hair around the base and tuck the ends in, making it secure
  • I like to pull apart some pieces to make it rugged and imperfect

Photography: Nick Berardi

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