Weird Trend: Pastel Armpit Hair Dying

Chandler Rollins | December 3, 2014 | 11:26 AM
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At MODERN we pride ourselves in keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest trends in beauty and hair. From money-making service opportunities to slightly ridiculous professional techniques (ponylights), we've covered it all.

So in the spirit of good reporting, we present to you the latest trend in beauty: dying your armpits. According to Refinery29, armpit dying is the expression of a women's decision to go shave-free. Women across the globe are flaunting their glitzy pits in bright hues such as pink, purple and blue to bring awareness and empowerment to their natural body hair. The movement has amassed thousands of followers and enthusiasts on Instagram and Tumblr.

There's even a tutorial on how to dye your clients' armpits by a professional stylist! Roxie Hunt of Vain salon shares how she achieved the beauty look. "I began by mixing bleach and 30 volume developer. I knew I needed something strong enough to cut through that course hair and lighten it up as much as possible, but I didn't want to use 40 volume because I didn't want to cause any uncomfortable burning on the delicate skin in her pits," says Hunt. "Using a combination of Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue and Special Effects Blue Haired Freak, I created a shade that appeared slightly less aqua green, knowing that I would have a bit of yellow to contend with after bleaching out her pits." Hunt let the bleach and color sit for approximately 15 minutes to achieve the final result shown below (last picture).

Check out a few more #dyedpits jobs below.


Pitz Glitz'd ™ #hairlizard

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stunning new development

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Dying pit hair with @cornpunk in the LA times today! Major win for body hair. Thanks @vainbeautyworld and @offbeathome and my #pitcrew sisters for inspiring. #bethefair

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