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Kao Salon Division Brings Joy to Kids Over the Holidays

Anne Moratto | January 7, 2015 | 10:48 AM

To celebrate the spirit of the holidays, the Kao Salon Division of leading beauty and personal care brand Kao USA Inc., located in Baltimore City, decided to give back within the local community. In early December, Kao Salon Division employees worked together to spend a day serving the hungry and homeless at local Baltimore shelter Beans & Bread. Later in the month, team members were honored to serve another worthwhile cause, children’s charity Toys for Tots.

On Tuesday, December 9, The Kao Salon Team volunteered with Beans & Bread Meal Services to help serve approximately 300 people in need. A branch of the St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore community services program, Beans and Bread offers much needed housing, employment, health, and recovery services to the hungry and homeless. Trevor Attenborough, general manager of KAO Salon Division explains, “Beans & Bread is such a valuable resource for those affected by homelessness and poverty. During the holiday season especially, we are all so grateful for what we have. So, it’s especially important for us to come together to help those less fortunate.”

In the following weeks, Kao Salon Division staff continued their good works by exchanging the usual large company holiday party for an intimate luncheon, and using the funds saved to make a contribution to the local Toys for Tots campaign. Approximately thirty-five employees helped assemble and deliver fifiteen bicycles for area children in need. To ensure the bikes were as safe as they were fun to ride, dedicated workers even “test-drove” each model to check brakes and construction. On Christmas Day, Toys For Tots delivered these gifts and others to children in Baltimore and nationwide, or

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