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February Is the Short Month & Here's How to Make it BIG

Anne Moratto | February 13, 2015 | 10:45 AM

February is the short month.  It is only short by a few days.  It feels a lot shorter than it really is.  February feels like it is over before you get started.  It is already half over as I type this.

February needs a haircut industry focus for us to make the most of it while it is here.  To hit it hard.  To make a BIG month out of this little month.

I propose we declare the short month Short Hair Month.

With an eye towards spring let’s talk about freshness and renewal.  Let’s discuss all the possibilities that spring will soon bring.  Let’s promote BIG change and big haircuts.  Let’s encourage clients to go short.

We know how good short hair is for our business.  We know that taking clients short adds cash to our bottom line in a big way.

Short hair comes back faster

Short hair takes less time in the chair.

Short hair buys more take-home hair care product.

Short hair sends more referrals.

Short hair buys more chemical services.

Lead by example by cutting your hair short.  Then run a short hair promotion to bring your clients along on the short hair journey.

Following are a few ideas for promotions targeting short hair and short haircuts.

1. Big haircuts are FREE.  This can be a great new client-attracting promotion.  Make a big change.  Cut off a lot of length (set some rules) for FREE.

2. Next haircut is FREE.  Make a big change, and since you will be in sooner for the next cut, the next cut is on me.  This is a great way to build loyalty and a repeat visit.

3. Go short and get a FREE styling product. Short hair requires styling product to make it happen.  This is a great way to make sure a big cut customer is both happy and hooked.

4. BOGO - Bring a friend to go short, too! Second cut is FREE. Let them fight over the FREE one.  They both can pay half but I would not advertise it that way as you know I do not promote haircut discounting.  FREE or FULL PRICE is my mantra.

Let me know how short promotions go for you.  Let’s make February then BIG short month it can be.  This little month might just be our biggest month.

Happy Clippering.


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