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Game Changer 2016: Nail Artist Sabella Snyder and Her Tiny Canvas Masterpieces

Anne Moratto | August 5, 2016 | 9:34 AM

Sabella Snyder is an artist at heart. As a celebrity nail artist and Young Nails Senior Mentor, she loves creating intricate designs.

Name: Sabella "Bella" Snyder

City/State: Los Angeles, California

Salon: Private Nail Studio

Follow me on:

Instagram: @SweetBCreations

Snapchat: SweetB_Sabella

Personal Facebook: Sabella Snyder or 

Followers: 35K

Best known for: I think I'm best known for hand-painted, intricate nail art; ombré, encapsulated glitter nails and psychedelic colors schemes...All of my favorite things!

Beauty school: I got my Cosmetology license from the Pasadena City College Cosmetology program about 3 years ago. How time flies! 

Most viral post: My most viral post would have to be Selena Gomez's post of her nails I did on her a year ago. I got 12k followers from that post alone and got the most likes I've ever gotten on a picture. She's so sweet, I'm so grateful for every experience!

Favorite apps for social and why: I do all of my editing on my phone. My favorite app for editing pictures is Photoshop Express because it helps you make the picture sharper and brighter and helps with my lighting to make it look more professional. For my videos I like to use Pic Play Post. It's a great app that you can create collages with multiple videos or pictures within one frame. I've recently been making collages of different videos from Snap Chat, it's lots of fun to see different angles of everything.

Best tip for getting the best results on a post: Lighting! Always make sure you have good lighting in your pictures. I have a desk lamp called LAMPAT I got on Amazon that's great to get different tones of light for working and for pictures. 

Also finding a good choice of background, have fun with it! I use different kinds of paper from different art stores, some are sparkly, marbled, blended and designed. It's nice to have different options so they go with different nail art themes you do. 

Then last is #hashtags, very important. Tag which products you're using, what type of nail art you're doing, the color scheme, your location and create one for your business. It's always good to use hashtags to get more exposure, you never know who see it and will repost it. This can help your business!

Favorite hashtags to explore: #mandalas #henna #tattooart 

Who are you following:  I follow so many different nail artists. I love seeing all of their art because it's all unique to the artist. I especially love seeing people do intricate hand painted art. I also love following different tattoo artists, artists and henna tattoo artists. I find their work very inspirational. Some of these instagrams are @hana4 @flonuttall @mehndikajoeyhenna @mayajurisic @kshocs and @sashatattooing.

Passion other than beauty: When I'm not painting on nails I love to paint on canvas or draw in my sketch book. I was an art major before I got my Cosmetology license and started doing nails. Painting and drawing is my form of relaxation and meditation. I don't have time to paint as much anymore but when I do, it's bliss. I'm super happy I found this profession as a nail tech because I get to mix my passion into my career. I'm always happy when working because I'm painting all day (my favorite thing to do!) just on tiny surfaces. Painting tiny is so satisfying for some reason, I love challenging myself to accomplish different designs intricately.

How social media changed your life: Social Media has definitely changed my career. I'm very grateful of all the opportunities I've had because of it. It has helped me gain more clientele and get more exposure. I also love that more and more nail techs are following me. I like to make short tutorial videos from my snap chat and upload them on my Instagram. Eventually I want to start a You Tube so I can show people how to do really intricate work.

The professional products you can’t live without: I can't live without my foundation products from Young Nails! I'm a Senior Mentor for Young Nails. I am very happy I get to work for a company that has such amazing products but also has such an amazing staff and team. We're all family! I love the consistency of their products and the quality is incomparable. I use their Synergy Gel for my hard gel overlays, their acrylic, glitters/mylars, Mani-Q color and Caption. Besides all of @YoungNailsInc awesomeness I also like to use some other products from @Wildflowersnails and @oceannailsupply and @wiinoshop, these are their Instagram handles.

Shout out to someone who helped you along the way: I can't just say one person...I feel like a lot of people have helped me throughout my career. Definitely my parents for supporting me in whatever career path I choose. As a growing nail tech, Young Nails taught me everything on how to be successful in a salon. Greg Salo (@gmansalo), Tracey Reierson (@treierson), Melissa De La Cruz (@mjay_delacruz) they helped me create my foundation on how to build proper nails but also taught me about the nail business and how to be successful in the field. I also have shout out Ayla @nailgasmtv, creator of Nailgasm the documentary. Her documentary blew up my mind about nail art and inspired me to become a unique nail artist right out of school. I can't wait for her next one Nailgasm 2!

Celebrity you would love to work on OR someone you have already done and would love to do again: I would love to do Sade nails because she's the goddess of chill.

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