Cerafill, The New Redken Line To Address Thinning Hair

Maggie Mulhern | June 20, 2014 | 6:25 AM
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The latest research shows that by age 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair and most women experience signs of hair loss by age 40.

The recently introduced Cerafill, powered by Redken Science, is the professional solution designed to address hairloss. According to Danielle Mancini, Assistant Vice President of U.S. Marketing. "This is the first line that provides both instant and long-term results in one comprehensive line."

Hair loss is a very common problem that nearly everyone experiences," says Dermatologist Nicole Rogers, MD. "It’s normal to lose some hairs on a daily basis during washing or styling, but it is considered excessive or premature hair loss if a person loses more than 100 hairs every day. Hair loss is a complex issue and each case is different. Cerafill has multiple solutions for thinning hair, whether you’re looking for an instant hair thickening result or hair regrowth overtime.”

According to Mancini, Cerafill is proven to produce powerful results. In a sampling of 100 women over the age of 45 who are part of a community called Vibrant Nation, 95% saw results after using the regimen, 60% say they the products are better than anything they have ever tried and 95% say they would purchase products from the system.

The range consists of two different haircare systems: Cerafill Defy for normal to thin hair, and Cerafill Retaliate for advanced thinning hair. The line is completed with two new styling products: Dense FxTM and Texture Effect, which help to amplify every strand of hair. All products are safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair, and can be layered for added benefits.

The powerful formulas use ceramide, SP-94 and zinc PCA to strengthen hair and nourish the scalp for fuller-looking and feeling hair instantly. Created for normal to thin hair, the Thickening System Shampoo cleans and strengthens strands to promote a healthy scalp, while the lightweight nourishing formula of the Thickening System Conditioner infuses weightless body, volume and shine. The Energizing Scalp Treatment is a daily toner for the scalp that uses Arginine to promote a healthy scalp environment.

The new Cerafill Retaliate shampoo and conditioner contains cooling menthol along with key ingredients ceramide and SP-94 to strengthen and nourish hair. Cerafill Retaliate shampoos and conditioners are invigorating for the scalp when massaged through. Lightweight formulas gently cleanse to remove impurities and follicle clogging sebum.

The Cerafill Retaliate Minoxidil topical solution is clinically proven to help regrow hair. The daily hair regrowth topical solution revitalizes hair follicles with Minoxidil to promote regrowth over time. The unscented treatment comes in two strengths, 2% for women and 5% for men.

“Minoxidil is an FDA approved drug that is clinically proven to regrow hair. Although it may work differently for everyone, it has the power to produce outstanding results when used as a part of a long term solution that you have discussed with your doctor,says Dr. Rogers.

Perfect for normal to advanced thinning hair, Cerafill Dense FxTM and Texture Effect amplify every strand to create a fuller-looking effect in one use. Dense FxTM hair diameter thickening treatment thickens the diameter of each hair strand by 9% so it’s like gaining up to 9,000 more hairs after one use. The lightweight, breakthrough formula contains Ceramide, SP-94 and filloxane to instantly plump each hair strand, creating fullness and density. For amplified results and to instantly refresh hair and lengthen time between shampoos, Texture Effect hair and scalp refresher uses oil absorbers to remove excess sebum on the scalp for lightweight, fuller-looking hair.

“Not only does Cerafill allow you to take charge of your thinning hair from a medical standpoint, but it also offers great styling products for short-term, instant results,” says Redken Artist Lauren Hagen. “I recommend applying the hair regrowth treatment to the roots of damp hair, drying, and then styling with Dense FxTM for immediate fuller, denser hair.”

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