14 of the Most Gorgeous, Well-Groomed Guys on the Globe

Anne Moratto | May 20, 2014 | 7:37 AM
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This image won Jerome Kantner of Germany the title of American Crew All-Star Global Champion 2013-2014. “Jerome’s look exudes classic American Crew with meticulous barbering skills and refined proportions,” said Craig Hanson, American Crew Creative Director. “The wardrobe styling was fresh and masculine, and the art direction perfectly captured an authentic message of the modern man.”
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Sofia Azorakos from Australia
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Jacob Rozenberg of Canada
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Anitha Skov from Denmark
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Florian Nou from France
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Atilla Mullnar from Hungary
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Paul Mac from Ireland
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Yulia Mulher from the Netherlands
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Eva Lill Kristengard from Norway
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Hamlet Gukasyan from Russia
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Paco Lopez from Spain
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Robar Yasin from Sweden
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Bruno Lodise for Switzerland
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Bradford Davision for the United States
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14 of the Most Gorgeous, Well-Groomed Guys on the Globe

American Crew, the professional men’s grooming line, announced Jerome Kantner, Mainz, Germany, as the winner of the 2013-2014 American Crew All-Star Challenge in Lisbon, Portugal on April 28, 2014. This annual global competition identifies the best men’s groomers around the world, brings them together and challenges them to create a visual interpretation of American Crew masculinity via a timed styling and photo contest.

 More than 1100 stylists from 18 countries entered the competition, with the following country finalists chosen to represent and compete in Lisbon. Visit their pages (below) to see the image they created in Lisbon on set with David Raccuglia, founder of American Crew, an interview on their inspiration and process, as well as the image that won them their country title.

 “American Crew recognizes that grooming is one of the oldest historical art forms,” said Raccuglia, a renowned photographer. “The competitive arena that we create for these exceptional talents drives the trends and fuels inspiration for hairdressers everywhere.”

1. Bruno Lodise, Switzerland

2. Bradford Davison, United States

3. Jacob Rozenberg, Canada

4. Sofia Azorakos, Australia

5. Paco Lopez, Spain

6. Robar Yasin, Sweden

7. Jerome Kantner, Germany

8. Yulia Mulder, Netherlands

9. Hamlet Gukasyan, Russia

10. Eva Lill Kristengard, Norway

11. Atilla Molnar, Hungary

12. Florian Nou, France

13. Paul Mac, Ireland

14. Anitha Skov, Denmark

The global judging panel for the competition was: Raccuglia; Hanson; Sandra Nygaard, Senior Fashion and Grooming Director, Men’s Health; Sergi Bancells, General Manager USA, Spain and Latin America, Estetica Magazine; and Pedro Jose Munoz, 2012-2013 All-Star Challenge Global Champion.

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