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A Bold, Beautiful Coral Ombre How-To

Anne Moratto | September 4, 2014 | 12:52 PM
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Cameron LeSiege (right) and his model
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A Bold, Beautiful Coral Ombre How-To

Cameron LeSiege,a proud Paul Mitchell the School graduate and now a Learning Leader and Color Specialist at Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville, FL, loves to inspire and motivate future professionals every day.

"They keep me pushing for my own dreams, which are always evolving and becoming something bigger than before," says LeSiege. "I really enjoy working with photographers, models, and makeup artists on my time off and I would like to eventually become a full time editorial stylist."

With the beauty of this finished look, we suspect Cameron is well on his way to achieving his dream. We asked if he would share his process for this lovely Coral Ombre that we spotted on Instagram (@cameronlesiege).

"The inspiration for this look came to me when my model Daryna said she was ready for a bold new hair color, and mentioned that she liked coral. I always ask the person in my chair if they are looking for a whisper, talk, or SHOUT when they look in the mirror. In this case the answer was SHOUT, but she wanted something that still incorporated some of her natural hair color.

"My model's pre-existing canvas was an ombre that transitioned from her natural hair at a level 7 into a level 10 neutral blonde. Because my model wanted something bold and new while still keeping some of her natural color, I decided to move up the old ombre and give her hair a manicure of coral overlaying the ombre. My choice of lightener was Paul Mitchell SynchroLift with 20 Volume cream developer. After lightening the hair, Paul Mitchell INKWORKS was my go to for the fashion color coral."


A Bold, Beautiful Coral Ombre How-To


First, Daryna’s ombre needed to move up in the world because it was very grown out. I sectioned the hair into a ponytail at the fringe (see picture) and at least 10 separate ponytails at the apex or high point of the head. Next I backcombed each ponytail in order to diffuse the transition of her natural hair color into the lighter mid-lengths and ends.

A Bold, Beautiful Coral Ombre How-To


Next I applied Paul Mitchell Dual Purpose Lightener to each ponytail below the backcombing on both sides, heavily saturating the hair. Because my model had a previous ombre, I stopped at the ends. Then I placed each ponytail on a heavy duty foil for cleanliness of my application (see picture).


Once my model’s natural hair was lifted to a neutral level 10, I rinsed the lightener. After shampooing with Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo to gently cleanse and help replenish protein in the hair, I applied a topcoat of Paul Mitchell INKWORKS ½ inch from the scalp to the ends of her hair. My formula for INKWORKS was 2 parts white INKWORKS to 1 part yellow and 1 part hot pink. I also added just a drop of INKWORKS purple to the formula for added depth.


To style the hair I curled the hair with my Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl 1inch curling iron. I took large sections about 3 fingers width across and curled all of her hair forward, clipping it into place to chill out. I used Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press as a thermal protectant, spraying on each section as I worked. After cooling, I let all the sections down and brushed the hair with my fingers into a wave. I covered my hands in Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling treatment oil in order to add shine and control frizz.

 Photography: Daryna Barykina

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• Instagram: @daryna_barykina

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Hair: Cameron LeSiege

• Instagram: @cameronlesiege

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Model: Daryna Barykina

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• Instagram: @daryna_barykina


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