HOW-TO: Fresh Twist Special Occasion Updo

Lauren Salapatek | March 20, 2017 | 11:48 AM
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Give your client’s hair a fresh twist with this look inspired by Hailee Steinfeld’s 2017 Oscars look.

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  1. with CHI Spray Wax and create a smooth ponytail. Repeat on middle section.
  2. Spray ponytails with CHI Texturizing Spray to create fullness and hold.
  3. Smooth ponytails with CHI Enviro Hairspray and cover with small hair net.
  4. Smooth top section back over ponytails, creating volume in the front. Secure with pin at the top of the pony. (Hair from the top section also goes into the net.)
  5. Take the top ponytail and twist upwards counterclockwise into a small twisted bun. Repeat on the bottom ponytail. Finish with CHI Infra Texture and CHI Shine Spray.
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