From Bronze Back to Blonde

Anne Moratto | April 30, 2017 | 2:30 PM

Max Gourgues, a Canadian colorist who shares beautiful work at @maxgourgues, had a client who was usually blonde but they experimented a little with red. Gourgues shares how he got the red out and brought back the blonde.

"I gave her a bronze look three months ago," he says. "I created it with L'Oreal Dia Light, allowing us to go back to blonde easily."

STEP ONE: I used L'Oreal Effasol Hair Color Remover with hot water 20 minutes to remove excess of copper or gold tones.

STEP TWO: Dried and did babylights in the front

FORMULA: L'Oreal Blond Studio + 20 volume and applied on roots 1/2 6,1 + 1/2 8,1 + 6Vol 1:1,5 35 Minutes.

STEP FOUR: Rinsed and toned with Pravana Beige five minutes.

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