4 Men's Hair How-Tos on 4 Hair Textures

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | March 5, 2018 | 10:48 AM
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Angus, the industry leader with fine, straight, medium density hair.

1. On clean damp hair take vertical diagonal back sections at the parietal ridge to remove weight and maintain a square shape. Cut finger length.

2. Use scissor over comb to blend softly.

3. Connect crown to the back. Over direct the top section back to the crown to maintain length in the front.

4. Blow dry and style.

MITCH the men’s line from Paul Mitchell, has launched its recent collection and campaign featuring real men with their individual stories and personal style. The collection will be central in merchandising opportunities to salons and salon suites for the next two years. Further campaign support includes point of purchase how-tos, online lifestyle videos and MITCH education classes tailored for each salon’s needs.

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Watch how Kevin, the cultural vet, uses Reformer on his textured hair.

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