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Beauty Changes Lives Experience: Celebrate an Icon and the Next Generation of Beauty Talent

Anne Moratto | March 6, 2019 | 2:35 PM
Models from the 2018 Beauty Changes Lives Experience
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The Geraghty in Chicago will be the site of the 7th annual Beauty Changes Lives Experience and Legacy Award Dinner honoring the late Paul Mitchell. As the signature fundraiser held during America’s Beauty Show, the Beauty Changes Lives Experience unites brands, salons, hairstylists and influencers to pay their success forward and support the next generation of beauty professionals.

In addition to providing a unique environment, The Geraghty also offers extended hours allowing the celebration to continue well into the night. “Attendees at last year’s event told us they didn’t want the party to stop,” said Lynelle Lynch, president of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation. “The expanded timeline will allow us to extend the evening and celebrate until midnight.”

 We asked Lynch to tell us more about the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation’s mission and why beauty can be a first-choice for everyone.

MS: What is the Beauty Changes Lives Experience all about?

LL: At our core, we believe in supporting excellence in education, honoring our legends and mentoring the next generation. In addition to awarding this year’s icon, the late Paul Mitchell, our focus is lifting up the up-and-coming beauty professional.  We have to identify these young talents and help them grow into the next Sam Villa. We celebrate them with mentorship, a runway show, and the best party of the year!

MS:  Tell us about the Get Your Dream Job campaign.

LL: Beauty Changes Lives and the International SPA Association (ISPA) joined together to launch the Get Your Dream Job Campaign. It’s a collaboration of nearly a dozen industry organizations to promote beauty and wellness career opportunities. We’ve also presented at Intercoiffure and a number of salons have adopted it.  When Phil (Horvath of Ratner Group) launched the Get Your Dream Job campaign in his 950 locations it was such a confidence builder to stylists to see that their corporation really respects and believes in their craft.

It’s very important that we secure our future and that we are all paying it forward to ensure the success of our industry. We know that there will be over one million job openings in the beauty and wellness sector which means we have the opportunity to go out and hand select and recruit the next talent for this industry. Companies that embrace our mission are boosting the morale of the beauty professional.  They want to support a company that supports their future. 

MS: Why is this a great industry to enter?

LL: The opportunities are endless for people entering and job demand is at an all-time high.  You can really start today and in a few years, have built your brand. Today, the sky is the limit. There are so many incredible mentors right now who can inspire people and communicate why it’s such an exciting career choice.

MS: How does the beauty industry need to keep evolving?

LL: That’s the million dollar question.  I think a place to start is for everyone to unite behind the foundation and behind the Get Your Dream Job campaign.  We need to be our own champions and shout that this is a glorious career.  You can’t buy us from the internet or ship us overseas.  Our touch is not going away. We need to keep growing, to get where we have over a million dollars that we can give away each year, and that will come from everyone believing in the foundation. Together, we can crack through the perception that beauty school can’t be a first choice.

Tickets for the Beauty Changes Lives Experience and the Legacy Award Dinner honoring Paul Mitchell are now on sale at 

 Two Ticket Purchase Options Are Available:

  1. Purchase a Legacy Award Dinner Ticket to enjoy the full Beauty Changes Lives Experience, including the Legacy Award Dinner Followed by the NextGen Runway Presentation and Party.
  2. Purchase a NextGen Runway Presentation/Party Ticket to join us for the NextGen Runway Presentation and party only.

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