29 Cute Ideas For Kids' Crazy Hair Day at School

Alison Alhamed | April 30, 2019 | 8:00 AM
Let's pause for a second to talk about this cutie-pie.
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Parents, take notes. This is how you Crazy Hair Day. (Also, points for the cute outfit).
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"Mother knows best..." Rapunzel tribute SPOT. ON.
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This octopus is all sorts of YES.
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A poop emoji because why not.
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Cupcake hair piggies for the win!
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Another octopus with temporary tint. YES.
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Candy locks are the best kind of locks.
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Because this parent has major styling skills that deserve to be seen...
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There are a million reasons to love this little's 'do!
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Is that a fidget spinner? Parents are awesome.
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Baby, you're a firework!
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Balloon baby for the win.
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Simple enough, and look at that smile.
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Marshmallow hair with major drama.
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EEK! This spider 'do is a DO.
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POW! This surprise hair is perfect.
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Cupcake piggies take two.
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Volume with a bow.
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This girl knows she's rockin' Crazy Hair Day.
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The cutest soda pop littles.
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Under the sea, wish we could be... part of their family...
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For the Trolls fan in all of us.
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This is probably the most delicious-looking hairstyle we've ever seen.
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The brightly colored plate makes this munchkin's look AMAZING.
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The itsy bitsy spider went on the girl's head.
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Another donut, not complaining.
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Unicorns, pastels, bows and a blonde... what's not to love!?
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Adorable! 'Nuff said!
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Crazy Hair Day at school is always so much fun during Spirit Week. From over-the-top creations, to quirky embellishments--even bedhead counts!--it's a day to remember... especially if you're lucky enough to have a parent with skills in the styling department!

Not that it's a contest, but these parents are definitely winning. Check out this gallery of cute hair ideas for kids' Crazy Hair Day at school.

One of our favorite looks is definitely the soda bottle hair! It looks "extra" but the steps are super simple. We asked one of our favorite stylists, Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich to make us an easy-to-follow step-by-step to demo the look. Check out the how-to here, in this simple-to-follow tutorial.

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