Modern Salon

September 2016

Hair: Nick Stenson, assisted by Viktoriya Yeremchuk
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa

The September issue of MODERN is all about celebrating all beauty professionals—hairstylists, colorists, nail techs, makeup artists—and all that’s achievable for clients through the professional products, tools and education at your fingertips.

Beginning on page 116, Nick Stenson, of Matrix and The Salon By InStyle, creates striking makeovers that transform our models to cover-worthy finishes with help from gentle hair color, hair extensions and, of course, the all-important consultation in his Beauty In Sight collection.

In Total Eclipse, team Aveda uses hair color to minimize and emphasize client features through the use of subtle shading to contour and celebrate clients’ distinct beauty.

In Keune’s Beyond Collection, styling products, blowout techniques, and curling and setting methods take center stage to create four consumer-friendly looks clients can easily recreate once they’ve left the salon because, as hairdressers, the Keune team says, we are responsible for more than educating ourselves.

And on page 102, see a collection from L’Anza Global Creative Director Matt Swinney, who was just named Hairstylist of the Year at NAHA (see the NAHA 2016 Winners Portfolio included in this issue, sponsored by Redken, Matrix and SalonCentric).

As you go through the coverage of some of our industry’s biggest events included in this issue, see page 124 for details on MODERN’s HAIR+ Summit , the only immersive, hair loss education event created just for salon professionals, this October in Atlanta. Topics will include common causes of hair loss, opportunities available to the salon professional, understanding your hair loss client—what they want, what they will pay for, how to have the conversation—and the styles and enhancements available to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

We’ll see you there!

In This Issue


How to get Pastel Pink Perfection

| November 1, 2017

Larissa was thrilled with the plan, but after the root application, expressed concern—a lot of concern. “She could not see through to the end result,” Stenson says. “She thought we were taking her dark brown. It’s hard for a non-professional to understand what goes on during the color process.

Article The inventor of today’s Spoolies, Jeanne James

Memo Exclusive: An Interview with Jeanne James of Spoolies

Anne Moratto | August 17, 2016

The Trendsetter Awards at Cosmoprof Las Vegas are awarded to brands doing something innovative. Spoolies Hair Curlers has been recognized two years in a row, in 2015 and 2016. MODERN talked to the inventor of today’s Spoolies, Jeanne James, and how she took an old brand name and revived it, always with an eye to giving back.


Keune's Beyond Collection

Alison Alhamed | September 1, 2016

Keune’s Beyond Collection puts the spotlight on volume, texture, smoothing and color with commercial, salon-friendly looks that speak to the client.“As hairdressers, we are responsible for more than educating ourselves,” says ...


Haircolor Pattern Inspired by The Flower of Life

Alison Alhamed | September 1, 2016

In this collection, Matt Swinney, global creative director for L’Anza Healing Haircare, was inspired by the “flower of life,” which symbolizes creation with all of its angles representing mathematics’ “golden ratio.” Using L’Anza Healing Color and L’Anza Vibes, Swinney used the flower of life as the pattern for how he applied the color, shifting the focal point on each model to create the different effects.