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Salon Digital Summit: Setting Your Salon Social and Digital Objectives

Tech expert and beauty enthusiast influencer Sarah Bryant @sarah_louwho shared the stage with salon artist and educator Chief Behr @chiefbehrhair to talk about how to use social media for a variety of purposes.

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Salon Digital Summit: Social Media Success, Step-by-Step, with Mane Addicts

From something as practical as making sure to wipe the camera lens to what kind of content performs well on social, this panel offered great insight on how stylists can use social media to build their business.

3 Reasons Why Hair Loss Should be a Priority in Your Salon

How to discuss the topic with your client and make money!

Why It's Important to Start Fresh with a New Eyelash Extension Client

How do you tell a client that those old lashes have to go so you can get the best results with a fresh application?  Here's how to make a clean sweep.

To Stock or Not to Stock? Extension Specialists Share How They Manage Inventory

Extension inventory is dependent of the nature of your business. Industry experts share their tips.

6 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

How can you up the ante on making a good first impression?

3 Upstyling Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Stylists who excel in the art of the updo often develop clever little tricks for creating outstanding work. Here are three go-to techniques, created by Sexy Hair artists, used to create the three looks in their latest collections.

Tips and Strategies for Salon Success from a $10K a Month Stylist

As a stylist for 13 years, Kate Sparks reflects back on the choices she made that led to future success.

Stylists, Stop Getting By: Financial Advice for a Long Career in the Salon

As you make your money, think of the future. Resolve to never live paycheck-to-paycheck. Here are a few rules I follow.

How to Win a Client in 10 Days

With these 10 business-building tips you can make your service stand out to ensure you have a new client in your book.