Marilyn Cole

When a Solo Salon Artist Takes Maternity Leave and Their Assistant Takes Over

When Marilyn Cole went on maternity leave, she did it with complete trust and confidence that her clients would be well-cared for by her assistant. Here's how the two made it work so well.

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Aloxxi Formula: Corset Placement by Marilyn Cole, Rocco and Peggy Wright

With a touch of romantic influence, this Aloxxi technique creates a corset of color with the focal point on the top and sides. Minimal color placement creates maximum impact.

College-Bound Client's Cut and Haircolor Makeover

The very talented Marilyn Cole (@marilynrockshair) educates around the country on the color and care line from Aloxxi. She shared this very beautiful finish on her Instagram.“Here was a fun transformation I did today!” Cole ...

Bleach And Tone For The Perfect Blonde

"The backstory on this hair transformation began with a referral from another one of my beautiful blonde clients who travels all the way from New Orleans to have her blonde touched up every 6 weeks," says Marilyn Cole ...

Aloxxi “Mainstage” Color Technique Features Rich Base Tones with a Burst of Color

Aloxxi Artistic Advisor Marilyn Cole introduces a versatile color technique for a flexible lifestyle.“This technique was created around wanting to deliver the wearable edge that people are craving today,” Cole says. “This ...

Wearable Dimension

Marilyn Cole is always playing with color. As an artistic advisor for Aloxxi, she does platform demonstrations, education and photo shoot work for the brand. To announce the launch of new Dimensions Highlighting Colours from Aloxxi, a line of one-step permanent fashion colors, Cole set out to show the performance possibilities of the product while also demonstrating the ways to introduce color to clients that can be both trendy and tame, depending on how hair is styled and finished.

Creating a Balayage Believer: Hair by Marilyn Cole Using Aloxxi

Aloxxi created a new way to talk about haircolor with clients when it introduced the concept of Color Personalities. Their consultation book features swatches and visuals of haircolor finishes that are assigned a name (Blonde Bambino, ...

6 Tips To Color Perfection

Marilyn Cole, an Artistic Advisor for Aloxxi and owner of Elektrum Hair Studio in West Hollywood, California, is a color specialist. She has learned over the years that the color experience can and should be very different in the professional ...