Nailing A Guy Tang Inspiration Photo

Great Guy Tang inspiration photos are popping up in salons around the world. Marcus Byerly (@marcusbyerly), a freelance artist based in Knoxville, Tennesse, uses them himself to help guide his own clientele."This client wanted to be much ...

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THE FIX: Correcting A Box Blonde Botch Job

Marcus Byerly (@MarcusByerly), a free-lance artist from Knoxville, Tennessee, has done it again. "This client came to me to fix a mistake she made by coloring it herself with box color," says Byerly. "She said her natural ...

TRANSFORMATION: Super Cool Icy Blonde

"This client went to someone else originally and he never understood what she wanted," says Marcus Byerly (@marcusbyerly) of Studio 135, Knoxville, Tennessee. "She wants to be a super cool icy blonde. However, in the past, her ...

The Rules Of Blonding

MODERN's good friend Marcus Byerly, based in Knoxville, Tennesse, is a blonding expert. Here he shares his thoughts on the "Rules Of Blonding":Ice blonde is trending all over the beauty industry right now, but how do you ...

HOW TO: Devil Wears Prada Inspired Silver Glam

Inspired by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Marcus Byerly refreshes and restyles one of his favorite "silver by choice" clients.

HOW-TO: From Golden to Icy Blonde

Learn HOW TO take your client from golden to icy blonde in this step by step by Marcus Byerly. It's all about toning.

HOW-TO and Tips to Get the Yellow Out

Marcus Byerly shares his tips and HOW TO on creating a perfect chrome metallic finish.