Great Guy Tang inspiration photos are popping up in salons around the world. Marcus Byerly (@marcusbyerly), a freelance artist based in Knoxville, Tennesse, uses them himself to help guide his own clientele.

"This client wanted to be much blonder and we used one of Guy Tang's client photos as inspiration," says Byerly. "I definitely encourage other hairstylists to use his work as inspiration. He shares his formulas often, and when a stylist does that, it makes me want to try that formula as well!"

Here Byerly shares his interpretation of Tang's sombre:

STEP 1: Balayage with Redken Flash Lift plus 30 volume + Olaplex for the back and 40 volume + Olaplex in the front.

STEP 2: Process without heat for 30 minutes, lifting to pale yellow.

STEP 3: Tone with Redken SEQ Gloss 09v + 000 Crystal Clear.  Process for 5 minutes.