Now there’s an efficient, convenient way to safeguard the integrity of your lightening services. Hair by Redken Brand Ambassador Philip Foresto @philipforesto.

No matter what the natural level, once you give your clients a taste of lighter hair, it’s often the same. The next time they’re in your chair they’re begging, “Can you make me blonder?” Hair color pros know that’s a tricky question because the lighter you go, the more you risk damage. But now stylists like Philip Foresto @philipforesto have found a way to safeguard hair health, with up to eight levels of lift. “With Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside,” says Foresto, “when a client says, ‘make me blonder,’ I say, ‘no problem!’

The unique innovation offers colorists a double dose of convenience, providing a predosed bonding agent plus lightener in one easy-to-use pod. You simply add Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer and mix. Stylist are saying the pods are like a healthy haircolor warranty because when you use them you get 73 percent less breakage thanks to the conditioning film, versus Redken’s leading lightener without bonder.  Great news for lightener-loving clients!

  • 1:2 mixing ratio – 1 pod (15g) + 1 oz. developer
  • 1:2.5 mixing ratio = 1 pod (15g) + 1.25 oz. developer
  • 1:3 mixing ratio – 1 pod (15g) + 1.5 oz. developer

Celebrity Colorist and Redken Brand Ambassador Johnny Ramirez says Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside lets him create his “Lived In Color™” technique safely, quickly and efficiently, whether he’s in the salon or on the go. Hair by Johnny Ramirez @johnnyramirez.

Celebrity stylist and “Lived In Color™” creator Johnny Ramirez calls Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside “game changing” and “a modern way to lighten.” He says, “Using Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside means I can lift the hair to a perfect, even canvas, which allows me to steer the color in any direction that I want, while keeping it healthy. The new pod format means those beautiful results are even easier to achieve.”

Watch how Adina Pignatare @adina_pignatare uses her “triple threat balayage” technique and Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside to create this dimensional brunette.

“Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside are so cute!” says Adina Pignatare, known for her “triple threat balayage” technique. “They’re great if you’re an over mixer; the pods let you control the amount you mix. They’re also really convenient to carry if you’re a traveling stylist.”


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Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Rachel Redd @rachel_redd used Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer to highlight this brunette base; followed by Redken Shades  EQ Gloss 07P + 07N with Gloss Gel Processing Solution for the hairline shadow and Shades EQ Gloss 010P + Redken Shades EQ Gloss 000 Crystal Clear + Shades EQ Gloss to Gel Processing Solution to tone.

“They always want to go blonder,” says Rachel Redd @rachel_redd of her haircolor clients. “I find it’s best to go ‘low and slow’ so I use Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside with 20-volume developer. One pod equals one 15g scoop. This is the ultimate time-saver!”


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For this stunning transformation, Redken Artist Linsdey Marie Olson @lindsey.marie.olson lifted her client with Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside, then did a root tap with Redken Shades EQ Gloss 08N + 08T.

For her signature cool blondes, Lindsey Marie Olson @lindsey.marie.olson often uses multiple techniques to achieve the desired results. That’s why an insurance policy like Redken Flash Lift Bonder Pods Bonder Inside  is so helpful. The pods’ conditioning film is water soluble and dissolves in the developer, with no dust or fumes. There are no extra steps to add bonder and no need to bump the developer. Plus the pods are easy to store.


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Clients with highly textured hair can rock the honey and mocha hues they crave, safely, thanks to Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside. Left: hair by Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Leysa Carillo @leysahairandmakeup.

Coiled hair can be especially fragile, which makes Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside a welcome safeguard for fragile strands. “When lifting curls, take your time,” advises Leysa Carillo @leysahairandmakeup. “I mix a new batch of lightener every 30 minutes and take care to saturate the hair thoroughly. It’s best to use 10- or 20-volume developer and let the hair process slowly and safely. And remember, highly coiled textured hair will absorb more lightener than straighter textures, so you will probably find yourself using more product.”

No mess, no dust, no overmixing—just healthy, strong, shiny lightened hair, regardless of texture. No wonder Ramirez calls Redken Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside a game changer!

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