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This gorgeous glow-up was created by Alfaparf Milano’s US National Artistic Director Cassie Siskovic @cassiskovic. She creates rich depth, throughout, and a flattering frame of light around her client’s face.

Starting Level 4

Face Frame Formula: Alfaparf Milano’s Italian Face Frame using BB bleach Easy Lift 7 + 20 volume Oxido

Base Formula: Alfaparf Milano ColorWear (10g) 6 + (20g) 5 volume Oxido

Toner: (5g) 10.31 + (5g) 8.31 + (2g) 9.21 + (24g) 5 volume Oxido

1: Apply the Italian Face Frame using the Intuitive Color Philosophy for any adjustments to customize for the client

2: Once the hair is lifted, rinse and towel dry. Apply base color to the desired oxidation line. After that processes for 10 minutes, comb it down to create progression starting in the back, working forward.

3: Melt in the toner formula and process for 15 minutes. Rinse and style.


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