Salon owner and MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member Katlin Green (@hairbykatlin) loves blonde. So much so that she’s figured out all sorts of ways to lighten and tone her clients to perfection, like piecing together a puzzle.

Goldwell’s SilkLift Lightener and Colorance Gloss Tones help to make solving the puzzle even easier for her. SilkLift lightens without compromising the hair, while Colorance Gloss Tones deposit the perfect amount of color, tying everything together. Knowing where to place everything, however, is all about the strategy. Here are a few ways in which Green uses Goldwell to help her execute her clients’ looks.

To Soften and Brighten

SilkLift helped Green lighten this client’s hair efficiently. Colorance Gloss Tones helped to balance out that blonde and add dimension, making it appear even brighter.

For Blending Extensions

Green applauds Goldwell for its compatibility with extensions. Making the installation look seamless and blended is so simple with Gloss Tones.

To Create a Face Frame

This client was looking to go a bit darker. Although it broke Green’s heart to get rid of the blonde, she granted her client’s wish and ended up loving it. The bright face frame made it all worth it!

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